Establishing a Fairness Commission to look at fairness and inequality in Barnet was a local election pledge by the Barnet Labour Group of Councillors in 2018.

Following the local elections, the Labour Group are in opposition, but they have decided to establish the Fairness Commission in partnership with local community groups and on a cross-party basis.

Community groups represented on The Barnet Fairness Commission include Community Barnet, Christians Against Poverty, Barnet Citizens / Somali Bravanese Welfare Association, the Islamic Association of North London, Finchley Progressive Synagogue and Middlesex University. They are each serving in an independent capacity.

The Commission will be Chaired by Lord Kennedy of Southwark and have also the following cross-party representation:

Cllr Reema Patel, Labour – Coppetts ward

Cllr Ross Houston, Labour – West Finchley ward

Richard Logue, Lib Dem – local election candidate Mill Hill ward

Kate Salinger – former Barnet Conservative councillor

Olivia Vincenti, Barnet Women’s Equality Party